About Us

Salem Brothers Inc. has been established since 2004 and specializes in the distribution of Middle Eastern food products across Canada. The company’s main function is the specialized distribution of hard to find high quality Middle Eastern food products. Additionally, we continue to thrive in targeting and distributing large quantities of products to various other ethnicity. Recently, Salem Brothers has entered the mainstream market and has been successful in distributing to over 1200 mainstream locations across Canada. The company has earned the exclusiveness of distributing products such as California Garden, Crystal, Nestle and many other brands in Canada.


Salem Brothers deals with whole sellers and convenience stores and hyper market mean stream. We have a marketing department to promote our products. We Also, distribute our products through out Canada, we can also provide delivery with our own trucks. Salem Brothers INC has over 2000 Square meters warehouse space, In addition, our specialized sales staff with an expert’s supervision deal with all our sales as well as our merchandising department